The purpose of this tender is to provide a practical study of the opportunities offered by emerging data-related technologies for public administrations in the context of evidence-informed policy making.

This study is intended to go beyond traditional statistics applied to structured datasets and should rather focus on (big) data analytics, data visualisation, artificial intelligence, decision-making tools and other disruptive tools and methodologies.

In the medium term, the results of the study should contribute to the further development of modern ICT-based methods for policy making, and foster the creation of a new knowledge network.

Specifically, the study should provide an overview of the current state-of-the-art and highlight trends in data analytics and data visualisation with potential for practical applications in public policy making. The study should present an operational inventory of such practices in Member States and a selection of international examples. Building on these findings, the study will analyse a number of case studies and propose one demonstration based on publicly available data, in agreement with the European Commission.

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