In this video, Rikke Rosenmejer introduces the national Broadband Competence Office (BCO) of Denmark: the Danish Energy Agency’s Centre for Telecommunications. BCO Denmark’s functions include mapping mobile and broadband coverage, providing guidance and information on technologies, and running training sessions for municipalities and regions. A key task of the BCO is the development and implementation of State aid measures in Denmark, to support reaching the national and EU 2020 connectivity targets. The BCO’s broadband fund offers financial support to local demand-based projects.

Still image from video depicting BCO Denmark's broadband mapping. Above is a banner with the title: The Danish national Broadband Competence Office.

Rosenmejer highlights how, through this initiative, BCO Denmark promotes broadband coverage in underserved areas, helping projects during their start-up phase, and frequently finding that, through sufficient demand aggregation, projects can often be accomplished without the need for additional public funding. The Danish national BCO also works on ways that locals can be empowered to actively take part in the development of broadband coverage.

With Danish municipalities increasingly seeking to be active in supporting roll-out of mobile and broadband coverage, BCO Denmark supports them by explaining the available options.

As a member of the European BCO Network, Rosenmejer underlines the value of the direct exchanges it enables with other BCOs, especially when designing measures or trying to decide on the best solution to an issue that has been dealt with in other Member States.

For more information, visit the BCO Denmark website.

This video is part of a series of interviews on broadband roll-out in Europe, produced for the European BCO Network.

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