How to create a favourable environment for start-ups in Europe?

7:45 - 8:10 - Registration, Dublin Castle.

Buses left Dublin Castle at 8.15am to take the participants to the NDRC (auditorium room) where the workshop took place.

Chair and moderator of the day: Gary Leyden, National Digital Research Center, Ireland

Agent provocateur: Gary Cige, Le Camping - Silicon Sentier

Plenary advocate: Aleš Špetic, CEO, CubeSensors

Morning session

9:00 - Introduction to the event format & judging panel - Gary Leyden, NDRC LaunchPad

9:05 - Opening: Robert Madelin, European Commission, DG CONNECT

9:10 - Feedback from the online discussion:  Alessandro Cenderello, Ernst & Young

9:15 - Pitching session Startups

9:35 - Demo area and questions from the judging panel

10:05 - Pitching session Startups

10:25 - Demo area and questions from the judging panel

10:55 - 11:15 - Coffee break

11:15 - Successful European entrepreneurs shared their recommendations, their best practices and success stories (in parallel Judges privately confer in a separate room)


12:25 - Winners (two best pitches) announced

12:30 -13:15 - Lunch

Afternoon session

13:15 - Welcome back - introduction to the event format - Gary Leyden, NDRC LaunchPad

13:20 - Achievements since DAA2012 workshop 8 on Entrepreneurship and Innovation -  Gary Cige, Le Camping - Silicon Sentier

13:25 - Presentation of Eurapp - John Breslin, University of Galway

13:30 - Pitching and Q&A session

Four stakeholders (mostly accelerators) presented in a 5 min Pitch on main new initiatives they think of to support web entrepreneurs in Europe and increase their number.


14:10 - Coffee Break

14:25 - Pitching and Q&A session

Four public authorities representatives presented in a 5 min Pitch the best initiative they have in their country to support web entrepreneurs.


15:05 - Brainstorming session: "How to implement these initiatives at EU level?"

The audience was split into 8 teams. Each Panellist of the afternoon was assigned to one team and the brainstorming session focused on how to extrapolate each presented idea at EU level and how to implement it.

15:45 - Feedback to the room

Each Panellist of the afternoon fedback to the room the outcome of the brainstorming session from their team.

16:30 - Event closed and buses took participants back to Dublin Castle for reception.

17:00 - 19:00 - Social reception, Dublin Castle