CYSEC aims to become a well established annual conference dedicated to cybersecurity and protection of critical infrastructure. Ignited by one small Croatian R&D company and recognised by the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica, it might become a place where researchers, academia and industry meet and discuss new technologies, ideas and use cases to build strong cybersecurity solutions for protection of critical infrastructure.

                                      CYSEC 2020


The conference will consist of a series of panels and events which will showcase a thriving community all around the globe, combining experience and knowledge, both from the industry and academia thus brining multilateral and multi-sectoral cooperation.

This conference is intended for both scientists and experts in the field of critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, cybercrime, cyberterrorism, information and communication technologies, crisis management, security and risk management, and many other related areas.

The speakers will be, at this point, from the European Commission, EASA, Croatia, UK, Singapore and USA. Abstract and papers submitted come from Croatia, USA, UK, RU, Brazil, France, Austria, Singapore, Finland, Bulgaria and Italy.

It should also be emphasized that the conference takes place during  the Croatian presidency of the Council of the European Union, which gives it added value in terms of visibility in all other EU Member States, the Western Balkans and all other countries and organizations that follow what is being held in the presiding country during the presidency.

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