This conference will gather representatives from Industry, the European Commission, the European Parliament, Regional authorities, Academia and Civil Society to discuss topics related to cyber-security, open data and interoperability.

The achievement of a Digital Single Market requires the active involvement of all interested parties, from EU Institutions, national/regional governments, industry, academia and civil society. 

Co-operation and dialogue is especially vital when it comes to e-administration, leading to enhanced procurement procedures from public bodies and better communication with business and citizens alike. 

Gaia Trade Factory, an Association of 5 leading IT companies from the Basque region in Spain, is organising a Conference aiming to effectively address this need for wider dialogue. The event will gather representatives from a wide variety of perspectives who will discuss measures needed to achieve a truly smart e-administration at EU level. 

Speakers include a representative from the European Commission (DG DIGIT) speaking on Interoperability; a renowned specialist from industry (Red Hat) giving insights on the role to be played by Cloud and virtualization; a Director from the Basque Regional Government providing on-the-ground experience on Open Data platforms; and a representative from Academia (University of Brighton, e-ARK Project) describing the role of knowledge preservation. The second part of the conference will see high-level panelists discussing Cyber-Security as a key element for a trusted, reliable e-administration: Representatives from the European Commission (DG CNECT), Industry (Innotec Systems) and Civil Society (Accessnow) will discuss the current challenges and opportunities in this essential area. 

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