The Communication on "Building a European Data Economy" includes analysis and policy actions to tackle restrictions on the free movement of data within the European Union. This extract highlights details from an ongoing policy-related study ending beginning of 2017 (Study reference: SMART 2015/0054)

This study aims to identify various barriers as to the free flow of data, understand the drivers behind these, and to explore where commonalities and differences lie.  The First Interim Report submitted in November 2016 identified a number of sectorial as well as horizontal barriers to the free flow of data. Alongside with this study the European Commission is taking into consideration the findings of the recently completed study on  "Facilitating cross border data flow in the Digital Single Market" (SMART 2015/0016) from London Economics, and other relevant inputs from Member States and industry that contribute towards the European Commission's activities in the policy area of data localisation rules.  Therefore, this European Commission extract from the ongoing study SMART 2016/0054 is without prejudice to any future activities as regards data localisation restrictions.

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