As part and parcel of its support to the development and distribution of European audiovisual works, Creative Europe MEDIA runs MEDIA umbrella stands at the major international trade fairs for film and audiovisual content.

Image with the MEDIA stand and audiovisual professionals networking

The MEDIA umbrella stand facilitates the access of European professionals to these markets as participation to such events may represent a too high investment, especially for new companies. Accreditation is open to independent European producers or distributors and participants are selected via calls for interest published on the MEDIA stands webpage.

The targeted European professionals are mostly small to medium size independent companies, offering audiovisual programmes with strong European content. The benefits for the selected companies include the possibility for the participants to hold their meetings in the stand premises, business-to-business exchanges, and the cross-fertilization that comes with the immersion amongst a crowd of participants chosen on quality criteria. Additionally, discounted accreditations are available for beneficiaries of the stand, in some of the markets.

This year, for the first time MEDIA umbrella stands will be organised in not less than 6 film/TV markets across Europe. In addition to the traditional European Film Market in Berlin, Le Marché International du Film in Cannes , MIPCOM (Marché International des Programmes de Communication) and MIPTV (Marché International des Programmes de Télévision), new MEDIA umbrellas will be established in Lille at SERIES MANIA and in Annecy at MIFA (Marché International du Film d 'Animation).

This evolution reflects MEDIA's ambition to keep up with the audiovisual market's trend. To do so, MEDIA invests in partnerships with festivals and professional forums with specific highlights. Namely, the MEDIA stand in Lille at SERIES MANIA  will focus on the "talent package" in the series ecosystem, while the stand in Annecy at MIFA will be dedicated to professionals from the animation sector.

More information about the accreditation process will be available shortly on the MEDIA stands webpage.


Creative Europe MEDIA programme plays a crucial role in supporting Europe's audiovisual sector through the development, promotion and distribution of thousands of films/TV series as well as support to training programmes, film festivals, cinema networks or distribution platforms. Since 1991, the EU has been investing over €2.5 billion in European content, creativity and cultural diversity through Creative Europe MEDIA, helping European talents to work together across borders.