The Future and Emerging Technologies Project ASSISIbf has created the first social cyborg: A society of swarms of living honeybees, living fish, bio-mimicking robots and bio-inspired algorithms. This is their story from the beginning.

Picture that shows fish, bees and robots interacting

FET project ASSISIbf has been running from Feb 2013 until the end of July 2018.

ASSISIbf belonged to the FET Proactive Coordination Action:"Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems (FOCAS)".

The main goal of ASSISIbf was to establish a robotic society able to develop communication channels to animal societies (honeybees & fish swarms), so robots would learn the language of animals.

In this blog Prof. Thomas Schmickl, coordinator of the ASSISIbf project explains the story from its conception until the end; leaving the door open for further developments in this promising area of research.

See also this Euronews video that shows what the project is about and this article (and video included) that argues that creating mixed societies of animal and robots can be a new way to protect many endangered species and the environment.