This Conference will provide a unique opportunity to take stock of the achievements made in tackling online disinformation in Europe and will look at the way forward in view of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

One year after launching the initiative on online disinformation, the European Commission invites participants to the conference "Countering online disinformation" to reflect on the progress made and to step up efforts to secure free and fair democratic processes in view of the 2019 European Parliament elections and more than 50 presidential, national or local/regional elections being held in Member States by 2020.

The programme is available.

Webstream of the event.

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Background information

Last December, an Action Plan against Disinformation setting out key actions to tackle disinformation in a coordinated approach among the EU institutions and in cooperation with the Member States was adopted.

The Action Plan complements the Communication on tackling online disinformation: a European approach adopted in April 2018 where the Commission outlined a European approach and self-regulatory tools to tackle disinformation online, including an EU-wide Code of Practice on online disinformation, support for an independent network of fact-checkers, and tools to stimulate quality journal­ism. On 16 October, the Code of Practice was signed by Facebook, Google, Twitter and Mozilla as well as the trade association representing online platforms and trade associations representing the advertising industry and advertisers.

A first Report assessing the progress made in the implementation of the actions set out in the April Communication on online disinformation was also adopted.

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