The EU-funded “Intelligent Internet of Things” project will focus its efforts on improving digital healthcare solutions and helping relieve pressure on hospitals in light of the increasing rate of coronavirus infections.

The Covid-19 crisis has posed unprecedented demands on healthcare systems worldwide. Receiving €8 million and comprising of 13 partners from 9 countries, the IntellIoT consortium will drive autonomous and human-centred healthcare solutions by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) systems to provide cardiovascular patients with quicker and higher quality remote treatment, all whilst preserving the privacy and security of patients’ data.

The use of IoT sensors allows medical workers to receive updates from patients without any need for face-to-face consultations. By enabling such remote care, unnecessary hospitalisations can be prevented, pressure on hospitals is relieved, healthcare costs are reduced, and the quality of support is improved. This remote treatment contributes to reducing the risk of further infection, an approach that will help when it comes to dealing with any future outbreaks.

IntellIoT is one of six research and innovation actions initiated by the Commission in 2020, with the goal of developing digital collaborations by concentrating on the NGIoT (Next-Generation Internet of Things), designating approximately €48 million in EU investment to these six activities in question. Over the course of the next three years, IntellIoT will leverage technologies in 5G, cybersecurity, distributed computing, augmented reality and tactile internet that can allow healthcare professionals and establishments to work more efficiently and with greater insight, placing patients’ needs and their wellbeing at the forefront.

In deploying new technologies, IntellIoT can furnish the hospitals of the future with intelligent devices that autonomously monitor one’s health conditions, and analyse large amounts of data while relieving pressure on overloaded healthcare systems. This is important in the context of a pandemic, where quality remote patient management is essential in minimising the spread of the disease.

In the fight against Covid-19, digital technologies play a key role in the maintenance of daily life and economic and social activities, as well as the recovery of our industry and business. Other than IntellIoT’s efforts in European healthcare, this three-year project will also support the rollout of IoT technologies in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

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