One day consultation with the European mathematicians and their communities about the today's role of mathematics for the future of Digital Science

The workshop is a follow-up of the online consultation on the same topic which was running until 30 September 2014. It will take place on 6 November 2014, between 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the premises of the European Commission at Avenue de Beaulieu, 25 – Room 0/S1, Brussels.

The goal

The purpose of the workshop is to bring the European mathematicians and their communities together in free but well-structured conversations about the role of mathematics for Digital Science, with a particular focus on the high-performance computing (HPC), big-data and other data-intensive scientific areas of interest.

The objectives of the day are the following – and the aim is to be very concrete:

1) to elicit new topics for the Horizon 2020 Workprogrammes 2016-2017, in particular under the Excellent Science (FET and e-infrastructures) and the Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (ICT) parts of the programme;

2) to explore the possibilities for i) a longer-term collaboration among mathematicians at EU level and ii) for a better recognition of their contribution to the advancement of Digital Science.

The participants

The target group of participants are mathematicians with an expertise in the challenges related to big data, development of HPC and HTP, and mathematicians with concrete problem cases or specific development needs related to the areas of big data/HPC/Digital Science.

The workshop's scenario

The workshop will be basing on active contributions from all participants. It will be important to allow the profound knowledge, the high level expertise and the specific skills of each participant to be employed in arriving at decisions and taking courses of action. Presentations and pre-defined debates will be replaced by well-structured conversation that will provide opportunities to all participants to share their experience and wisdom and to build a collective understanding of the issues at stake. No agenda will be distributed in advance.

The outcome

A report will be produced from the outcomes of the meeting, containing a summary and possible recommendations for the Commission.


If you are interested in participating, please register to the workshop.

Please note that due to the need to focus and come up with concrete end results, the Commission reserves the right to limit the participation to the relevant fields of expertise.

In order to be invited to participate at the meeting, on-line registration is mandatory. There will be no registration possibility at the venue.

The number of participants is limited to 70.

Questions concerning the workshop should be sent to

Social media: the hashtag for the event is #Maths4Dscience, use it and share it!.

We are looking forward to a high-level discussion with concrete outcomes.

European Commission, DG CONNECT
European Commission, DG CONNECT