The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eDelivery building block helps public administrations to exchange electronic data and documents with other public administrations, businesses and citizens, in an interoperable, secure, reliable and trusted way. The purpose of the CEF eInvoicing building block itself is to promote the uptake and accelerate the use of eInvoicing respecting the (forthcoming) European eInvoicing standard.

CEF eDelivery and eInvoicing DSI Stakeholder Days pic


The CEF eDelivery Infrastructure Day (Tuesday, 29 November) will demonstrate how CEF Digital can help users set up their eDelivery infrastructures. Case studies from CEF eDelivery implementations in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany will be presented. The interactive afternoon sessions will focus on Message Exchange, the Discovery & Security Models linking to the eIDAS Electronic Registered Delivery Service and CEF eDelivery

The CEF eDelivery Industry Day (Wednesday, 30 November) will provide a forum to discuss what is currently missing to create an eDelivery market in the context of the Digital Single Market. Software vendors that have passed the conformance testing will present their experiences and a conformance testing exercise workshop will take place in the afternoon session.

The CEF eInvoicing Stakeholder Day (Thursday, 1 December) will provide an update on the policy and support activities, namely the eInvoicing Readiness Website and the study results on the "State of play of B2G eInvoicing in public procurement".