Exchanges with various stakeholders throughout 2012 have shown that there is a need for reflection on "Connected TV". With Internet connectivity being embedded in the living room's TV set, a whole new world of content can open up to viewers in an easy way. At the same time, watching films and TV series on other devices becomes an everyday experience and consumers make their "second screen" interact with the TV set in the living room. New business opportunities and new questions emerge, amongst others - whether this has or should have any regulatory implications? The Commission therefore sees the need to gather more input on questions related to the phenomenon of convergence of audiovisual media and the Internet and is planning to launch a consultation. The Cypriot Presidency is organising in cooperation with the European Commission a conference which will be an important opportunity to collect ideas that will flow into the Commission's reflections. It will be possible to follow the conference also via webstream – the link will be available on the conference website.