This Connect University session, part of the “Digital 4 Sustainability” series of lectures, tackled the topic of digital solutions in a systems perspective, addressing planetary boundaries, material choices and the power of information flows. One of the angles was about how to build a coherent digital data ecosystem that supports transition to circular economy at company, city, regional and EU level. Another dimension referred to setting our digital policies in the broader context of planetary limits and global resource flows.

digital for sustainability series of sessions

Our speaker, Eva Gladek is one of the top influencers in sustainability in the Netherlands, a country leading the transition to the circular economy. Eva holds a Master’s in Industrial Environmental Management from Yale University and a Bachelor’s in Molecular Biology from Amherst College. She is an expert in technical environmental management techniques and is the founder and CEO of Metabolic, which is a consulting, research, and venture building firm, focused on tackling global sustainability challenges and advancing a circular economy. The company was found in 2012 with the mission of transitioning the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable and circular state. It provides strategies and tools, crunches data, creates new technologies, builds pilots and scales up innovations.

You can watch the recording here

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CONNECT University informs about the latest digital trends, opportunities and challenges which are highly linked with EU's relevant policies, and serve as a platform for sharing knowledge through thematic sessions and workshops.

The participation in the present CONNECT University session is open to all staff working at EU Institutions and Bodies. External stakeholders and citizens may attend by invitation only (the number of available places for non-EU staff are very limited). The sessions will be webstreamed and recorded and everyone can follow them. 

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