This information day will present the upcoming call for proposals on "Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects". Save the date and register by November 5th, 2014.

The information day will provide details on the upcoming call "Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects", topic ICT30 within the LEIT-ICT part of the H2020 programme.

The call is planned to be published on  the 15th of October 2014, and the closing date is going to be on April 14th, 2015, with an indicative budget of € 51M.

At the information event the topic will be presented by the European Commission (scope, objectives, expected impact), alongside the novelties introduced in Horizon 2020 for the submission and evaluation of proposals. The agenda also includes a series of stakeholder presentations related to the topic of the call.

The event will provide opportunities for organisations to present their areas of competence and interest in view of consortia building, as well as a Questions and Answers session.

Attendance is free but registration is required.

If you wish to register as a speaker, please fill in your details and upload your presentation.

If you wish to submit a project idea, you can upload it on the page dedicated to the projects.

Please contact: Bernadette Buyens for any additional information on the event.

For more details,  read the provisional agenda.

European Commission - E1 and A3 units
European Commission - E1 and A3 units