The EU is determined to safeguard an online environment providing the highest possible freedom and security, for the benefit of everyone. This strategy is jointly adopted by the Commission and the High Representative. It outlines the EU's vision in this domain, clarifies roles and responsibilities and proposes specific activities at EU level. Its goal is to ensure strong and effective protection and promotion of citizens' rights so as to make the EU's online environment the safest in the world.

These actions include in particular:

  • achieving cyber resilience, by increasing capabilities, preparedness, cooperation, information exchange and awareness in the field of Network and Information Security, for the public and private sectors and at national and EU level;
  •  drastically reducing cybercrime by strengthening the expertise of those in charge of investigating and prosecuting it, by adopting a more coordinated approach between Law Enforcement Agencies across the Union, and by enhancing cooperation with other actors;
  • developing an EU Cyber Defence Policy and capabilities in the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy;
  • fostering the industrial and technological resources required to benefit from the Digital Single Market. This will help stimulate the emergence of a European industry and market for secure ICT; it will contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the EU economy; and it will increase the public and private spending on cybersecurity Research and Development (R&D);
  • enhancing the EU's international cyberspace policy to promote EU core values, to define norms for responsible behaviour, to advocate the application of existing international law in cyberspace and to assist countries outside the EU in building cybersecurity capacity.

Find the text of the Strategy here.

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