Today Mariya Gabriel, the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, met with high-level representatives of companies and research and technology organisations active in semiconductor technology, in view of an updated strategy for the electronics sector in Europe.

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel meets representatives of the European Electronics sector

Semiconductors are at the heart of many products we use today including computers, smartphones, activity trackers, automated cars, and they are also critical for aeronautics, space systems and defence. The meeting in Brussels, organised in the context of a changing international landscape and rapid technological evolution, is seen as an important stepping stone towards an updated strategy for the electronics sector in Europe.

Commissioner Gabriel emphasised the need for a longer-term industrial policy at European level and the importance of acting now. The discussions touched issues such as the forging of stronger links along the full value chain, in particular with industries that use and depend on semiconductor technology for their products and services. Further discussions were held on how to ensure the development of advanced technologies in Europe and accelerating their uptake by industry and the creation of the right conditions to foster and develop a thriving electronics ecosystem in Europe. Finally, the importance of strengthening the link between industry and academia was highlighted, to address the needs and the improvement of digital skills and competences in the sector for Europe.

Participating stakeholders agreed to identify a consolidated set of strategic measures, to support a new strategy for electronics value chains in Europe, by June 2018, also in close contact with user industries. This is expected to act as an important basis for policy discussions on the future framework programme and related funding instruments.