The #DigitalRespect4Her campaign aims to raise awareness and promote best practices to address online violence against women.

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On 16 April 2019 Commissioner Gabriel and Commissioner Jourová launched the #DigitalRespect4Her campaign at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The campaign aims to raise awareness on online violence against women, which can lead to psychological, physical, sexual and economic harm. It may also effectively silence women and reduce their presence online. The campaign focuses on women as public figures, and how online violence such as threats, stalking or sexual harassment can restrict their participation in societal debates, their influence in politics, as well as undermine representative democratic processes.

The campaign was launched with Members of the European Parliament, including President Tajani, as well as other Members of the Commission.

The campaign is supported by public figures sharing their stories and experience with online violence, and how it affected them as women and their professional life. Everyone can share their story through social media through #DigitalRespect4Her.

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