European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) is holding their annual conference. The conference focused on the European Electronic Communications Code. Commissioner Gabriel delivered a video message to the participants of the event.

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, in charge of the Digital Economy and Society, delivered a video message on the occasion of the ECTA Regulatory Conference 2017, a major annual meeting for Europe's electronic communication policy makers and industry leaders. This conference focused on the European Electronic Communications Code, a priority file of the Digital Single Market strategy proposed by the European Commission in September 2016 to boost investment in high-speed and high-quality networks. Designed to ensure a first-class connectivity at every corner of the EU, including in rural areas, the Code is currently being negotiated with the European Parliament and the Council. The next step will be the Telecoms Council on 4 December in Brussels.  

Commissioner Gabriel said:

I am glad that ECTA supports the Code's ambition with regards to delivering  quality of the electronic communications networks of the future. This regulation will  help the deployment of the best very high capacity networks to the benefit of as many EU citizens and businesses as possible. Competition is fundamental to foster investment. Investment certainty also requires coordinated internal market rules for spectrum assignments: on timing, licence duration and the assignment process and other conditions within  a clear binding roadmap from now to 2025. This is crucial for the next generation of network technology, 5G. Europe cannot expect to lead in 5G deployment if significant reforms are not introduced in spectrum management to ensure investments on a wide scale. I hope that I can count on ECTA's support in the period of negotiation of the Code, to participate in the debate constructively, so that a good political compromise can be found by the co-legislators. 

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