Web entrepreneurs represent a specific category of entrepreneurs who create new digital services and products that use the web as an indispensable component. They have specific characteristics, and thus particular needs, which require tailored support measures, aimed at strengthening, structurally, the web startup ecosystem.

The barriers and challenges, as perceived by stakeholders, refer to access to finance, innovation and entrepreneurial culture, human resources, skills and training. The measures proposed deal with these concerns. The Startup Europe Partnership, providing access to advice, mentoring, and resources, stimulating social networking with successful stakeholders and supporting Web business to grow and expand globally will be a concrete initiative dealing with a combination of the identified issues.  The Web entrepreneurs Leaders Club will help improve the entrepreneurial culture in Web business, especially amongst the young generation. The network of Web business accelerators will combine benefits in terms of human resources, mentoring, skills and access to services, as well as seed funds. The crowd funding and venture capital action will complement existing measures by focusing on networking and coordinating available resources in the Web business field. The activities included under the heading of "Fostering Web entrepreneur talent" will explore the potential of some innovative methods to reduce the skills and training deficit.

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