Today the Commission publishes a study assessing the cost of providing wholesale roaming services in the EU. Wholesale roaming prices are those that operators charge each other for the use of their networks.

The study has been used as one of the inputs for the proposal to set maximum wholesale roaming charges and is part of the work the Commission carries out to ensure the end of roaming charges in June 2017.
For the  abolition of retail roaming surcharges to be sustainable throughout the EU, national wholesale roaming markets need to be competitive and to enable operators offer retail roaming services without any surcharges in addition to the domestic price.
The report was carried out by TERA Consultants. In the report the consultants explain the methodology used in the model that estimates the costs of providing wholesale roaming voice, SMS and data services in 28 Member States of the European Union and Norway.

Full report

Executive summary: English - French

Mobile cost model (Excel - 29 MB)