On 11 April 2014, the European Commission publishes a series of reports that have been prepared by the eHealth Stakeholder Group, an advisory group to the Commission.

The first one of these reports relates to patient's access to Electronic Health Records (see pdf below).

Last March, three other reports (see pdfs below) were finalised by the group on the following topics:

  • eHealth inequalities
  • Interoperability
  • Telemedicine deployment (Key Action 13 of Digital Agenda)

These high quality reports give useful information on the state of play of the hereabove topics while providing the Commission with a series of key recommendations to move forward eHealth in the EU.

These reports will also be shared with the eHealth Governance Initiative. The latter gives technical support to the eHealth Network, a network of Member States representatives expert in the field of eHealth.

The eHealth Stakeholder Group (eHSG) is composed of representatives from the most important European organisations active in the eHealth field, covering a wide range of  stakeholders: from patients, consumers, healthcare professionals to the industry and was created following a call for expression of interest end 2011.

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