The European Commission has launched a public consultation “Towards a Strengthened Network and Information Security Policy in Europe”. It will help to gather information from as many sources as possible on the possible objectives of such a policy at EU level and on the means of achieving them. The consultation is accessible online until 9 January 2009.

Communication networks and information systems are rapidly becoming the nervous system of our modern society. Many services and processes in our economy and society are dependent on their well functioning. The security and resilience of electronic networks and services are of increasing concern to society.

Network and information security challenges will require a strong, coordinated European response. Recent cyber-attacks targeting individual countries have shown that one country on its own can be very vulnerable.

Commissioner Reding has called on "the European Parliament and the Council to open, early in 2009, an intense debate on Europe’s approach to network security and on how to deal with cyber-attacks, and to include the future of ENISA in those reflections."

This echoes calls that were made during the discussions on the prolongation of the ENISA regulation both in the European Parliament and in the Council for “a debate on the goals of a possible modernised network and information policy, and on the most adequate means to achieve them”. At the time, it was explicitly stated that the prolongation of ENISA should not prejudice the outcome of that debate.

In order to facilitate this debate, the Commission’s services are organising an online consultation to gather contributions from as many stakeholders as possible on the possible objectives for a strengthened network and information security policy at EU level and on the means to achieve those objectives.

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