The Commission today has adopted a proposal to select systems for mobile satellite services at European level. If adopted by the European Parliament and the EU Council of Telecom Ministers, this new selection mechanism will allow innovative services, such as mobile TV, broadband data and emergency communications to develop smoothly throughout Europe as of 2009.

"The potential for Europe-wide mobile satellite services is massive" - Viviane Reding

"The potential for Europe-wide mobile satellite services is massive - Think mobile television, think broadband for all, think public protection and disaster relief," said Viviane Reding, the EU's Telecoms Commissioner. "The new way the Commission proposes today to select mobile satellite services will give Europe's industry the necessary confidence to invest in new EU-wide services for citizens. It will also help bridge the digital divide by improving coverage in the EU's remote areas."

The overall market for space and its applications is about €70 billion globally, growing at some 7% per year. Mobile satellite systems can provide many advanced services, even reaching remote areas that were previously uneconomic to serve.

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The proposed measure follows extensive discussions with national spectrum experts and a public consultation held from 30 March to 30 May 2007. View comments received through the consultation.

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