The last year of the Horizon 2020 programme offers a plethora of opportunities to photonics projects, encompassing several actions to tackle environmental and health issues while boosting European competitiveness. Join the ICT Proposers' Day in Helsinki on 20th September 2019, you will get all the details!

Photonics, the science and technology of light, is powering European growth and innovation.

Being at the heart of the ongoing digital transformation, light technologies are key enablers for a positive development of current societal challenges, for example through reduced power consumption, CO2 emissions, and use of fertilizer, by saving material and as a result of new recycling processes and technologies for environmental protection.

The session on photonics during the Digital Excellence Forum @ ICT Proposers' Day 2019, is mainly intended for prospective proposers to get to know the call topics in H2020, which cover a number of topics and technology readiness levels, with a significant budget for RIA, IA and CSA. 

During the session, the following calls will be presented:

A dedicate talk will also address lessons learnt from previous calls about how to submit a successful proposal.

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