In Europe the mobile payments market is very fragmented with systems and pilots developed mostly at national level. Technical solutions are sometimes specified in standards organizations and consortia, but the emergence of a pan-European marketplace for m-payments might still be inhibited by the lack of cross-border standardized/interoperable technical solutions. With regard to security in particular, the multiplicity of technical solutions adds to market fragmentation, to the complexity of the cost of rolling out and running the service. This ultimately constitutes a barrier (maybe the major barrier) to market uptake that all players, whatever their strategies and positions in the value chain, have a common interest in overcoming. In view of this market context the European Commission and ETSI are co-organizing a workshop to kick start a collaborative effort to define a generic (i.e. technology agnostic) standardized security platform to enable secure and interoperable m-payments service delivery.

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Session 1 - Landscaping
Chair ETSI

09:00 Opening/welcome – objectives of the WS
09:15 Keynote speech: Commission's objectives with mobile payments. Outcomes and findings of the EC Interservices group.
09:45 Anatomy of the m-payments market in the EU: main types of solutions and leaders. Includes The ecosystem: various types of market players, various objectives
10:15 Regulation: the legal and regulatory context (PSD2). Is it sufficient?
10:45 Coffee Break

A dedicated approach: do mobile payments differ from traditional payments-and how?
Risks to be addressed for each category of stakeholders

11:45 Users (supply/demand): demand, requirements, expectations
12:15 On the supply side: offer, requirements, expectations
12:45 Q/As - Discussion session
13:00 Lunch Break

Session 2 - Understanding the ecosystem and the issues
Chair EC DG Market

14:30 Mobile operators point of view (p2p, SE) and issues faced
15:00 POS and m-POS providers point of view and issues faced
15:30 Banks point of view and issues faced
16:00 Card schemes points of view and issues faced
16:30 Coffee Break
16:45 TSMs point of view and issues faced
17:15 Internet players point of view and issues faced
17:45 Security through the ecosystem (interfaces) 
18:15 Wrap up and concluding remarks by the Chair
18:30 Meeting adjourns
19:00 Networking cocktail


Session 3 - Security and Consumer protection
09:00 Recap of the conclusions of day 1
09:15 Secure pay recommendations
09:45 Issues related to security - Fraud in mobile payments
10:15 Security on a chip
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 Security in the cloud
11:45 Security at POS
12:15 Consumer protection / Data protection / Child protection
12:45 Q/As - Discussion session
13:00 Lunch Break
Session 4 - Way forward - Chair  ETSI and EC
14:30 Common security features to enable cross sector business mix e.g. transport and ticketing/ A technology agnostic security platform (so players can focus on VAS)

Wrap  up discussion/inventory of the material collected

15:30 Where do we go from here/ Next steps and commitments
16:00 Conclusions, meeting adjourns
16:10 Farewell Coffee


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