The Cloud Select Industry Group (CSIG) is a group composed of representatives from European and multinational industry, public administrations and other. Meetings with these representatives help the Commission to gather feedback about major cloud-related issues from a variety of perspectives.

The objectives of this plenary meeting of the Cloud Select Industry Group (CSIG) are, firstly, to discuss the finalisation of the code of conduct on data protection. The meeting will also discuss cloud computing policy and related issues arising in the context of Digital Single Market strategy, including the free flow of data. It will examine the recent DSM initiatives, their implications for cloud computing, including on cloud certification and standardisation, and the role that the C-SIG needs to take in their implementation. The meeting will also provide an opportunity to present the results of the study "Measuring the economic impact of cloud computing in Europe".

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(*)  Minutes of the CSIG meeting 27 June

Registration and coffee 

Welcome and introduction

(*)  Presentation from Pearse O'Donohue, Head of Unit "Software & Cloud"

Cloud computing policy and related issues in the context of the Digital Single Market
What is the state of play regarding the Digital Single market strategy and the individual initiatives under it: Digitising European Industry, Priorities for ICT Standardisation, European Cloud Initiative; Online Platforms; extending access and building trust, and the Free Flow of Data Initiative? What other activities and commitments of the European Commission impact on cloud computing: H2020 research clusters and the 2018-2020 work programme, Network & Information Systems Security Directive, General Data Protection Regulation,….?

Finalisation of the Code of Conduct (CoC) on Data Protection
What is the current status of the deliverables from the ongoing Cloud Select Industry Group on a Code of Conduct?  What steps have been taken to implement the comments from the Article 29 Working Party?  Does the CSIG agree to the text as it stands so far, what needs to be addressed to finalise it?  How will the governance of the Code of Conduct be implemented to ensure continued effectiveness of the Code?

(*)  CoC on Data protection

(*)  CoC on Data protection - State of play

(*)  CoC for Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers (CISPE) - draft

(*)  CoC for CISPE - overview


Presentation of the results of the study "Measuring the economic impact of cloud computing in Europe" – Deloitte
Deloitte will present their analysis of the impact of current policy measures under the European Cloud Computing Strategy and potential policy measures as well as policy options identifying different ways to achieve the Digital Single Market for cloud services.

Discussion on the future role and governance of the CSIG in light of future work streams to deliver actions in the policy area of cloud computing
How can the CSIG efficiently contribute to the new priorities set out in the recent initiatives from the European Commission?  What set up and governance of CSIG and its work streams could ensure a strong and balanced involvement of a broad scope of stakeholders to deliver against these cloud computing related actions?  Which existing CSIG work streams could build upon their previous results to deliver these new actions: Code of Conduct, Service Level Agreements, and Certification Schemes? Which new work streams should be created to achieve these goals: data localisation, and standardisation?

(*)  Study from Deloitte "Economic Impact of Cloud Computing in Europe"

(*)  White Paper - Final workshop in the framework of the study "Measuring the Economic Impact of Cloud Computing in Europe"



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