During the European Research and Innovation (R&I) Days, a session addressed the challenges and success factors in the transition from science based research to innovation and debated on the role of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder to support the path from research to market. A report is available with the main findings.

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The R&I Days 2019 event hosted the session Making the leap: From lab to radical and disruptive innovation with the EIC Pathfinder, chaired by Fredrik Hörstedt, Vice President for utilisation and collaboration with business and the surrounding society at Chalmers University of Technology (SE), and member of the EIC Advisory Board.

The session followed and deepened the discussion launched during the Innovative Enterprise Week in Bucharest last June.
The session started with short presentations of three Future and Emerging (FET) Programme experiences, showing different ways in which FET /EIC Pathfinder projects led to high-tech spin-offs and successful commercialisation.

These were presented by:

  • Ana Maiques, CEO Starlab (ES) and CEO Neuroelectrics Corporation (USA)
  • Paul Lukowicz, German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DE)
  • Bo Svarrer Hansen, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DK)

These were followed by a panel discussion with Jürgen Jähnert, CEO Bwcon (DE) and Arianna Vignati, Polytechnic Milano (IT) as added panelists. 

 The key recommendations derived from the session are:

  1. Ensure the flow of disruptive technology propositions in the EIC value chain
  2. Assess the potential of disruptive business models and build execution capacity
  3. Select and nurture Pathfinder projects with an open-ended business perspective
  4. Stimulate customer and market interaction
  5. Strengthen conditions to move from prototype to product
  6. Build strong and motivated entrepreneur-lead teams with competence in technology and business development, and with strong innovation ecosystem connections

More information

The outcome of the session and the recommendations are reflected in the attached report.

You can also watch the recording of the session.  


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