Following their individual commitments in Januray 2013, the companies implemented a series of measures in five areas: - simple and robust reporting tools; - age-appropriate privacy settings; - wider use of content classification; - wider availability and use of parental controls; - effective takedown of child abuse material. Detailed reports of these action are to be found in attached documents.

Spin-offs from the Coalition

On top of the work in the five areas, the Coalition has elaborated two initiatives:

For content classification there are interesting experiments ongoing on UGC, with ratings agencies (NICAM, BBFC) and companies. A pilot is currently ongoing with the Italian 16mm service. The Task Force on Interoperability and Machine readability met in a number of meetings in 2013 and came up with a data-model to be further explored in the CIP-project Miracle as well as setting up a Community group site on W3C

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