The CEMA Summit will bring together EU decision-makers, industry leaders, farmers’ representatives, digital experts, and agri-food stakeholders. Isane Aparicio, Deputy Director of the Broadband Competence Offices Support Facility, will speak on "The Broadband Challenge: EU support to connect rural areas".

Illustration representing agriculture and connectivity: fields, tractors, a barn, a laptop, data graphs etc

The CEMA Summit (#CEMASummit) will address:

  • How digital farming, automated equipment and robots will transform agriculture in Europe
  • What new business models will arise from the new technologies
  • How the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) can shape the further development and uptake of “Digital Farming” in Europe
  • How Europe’s farm machinery industry can best drive forward innovation in agriculture
  • What EU Regulation can do to support innovation and uptake of digital farming tools and preserve Europe’s technology lead in this field

The CEMA Economic Forum

The Broadband Competence Office Support Facility presentation - "The broadband challenge: EU support to connect rural areas" - will be part of the morning CEMA Economic Forum:

Digital and precision farming hold the promise of boosting the environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness of the agricultural sector in Europe in the years to come. Yet despite the fast pace of innovation, the market uptake of such innovations in farming somewhat lags behind the rapid adoption of digital technologies in other sectors. Featuring presentations from industry experts, researchers, market analysts and agricultural contractors the CEMA Economic Forum will offer fresh insights and discussions on key questions.


In advance of the CEMA Summit, the BCO Support Facility has released three new videos on:

  • The importance of broadband connectivity in digital and precision farming
  • EU measures to adapt Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to the technological advance

>> View the full video series here.



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