More than 100 experts from the public and private sector attended this event to exchange views on and learn about the benefits of Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eDelivery and CEF eInvoicing.

On 29 November - 1 December 2016 in Brussels, more than 100 experts from the public and private sector attended the CEF eDelivery & eInvoicing Stakeholder Days to exchange views on and learn about the benefits of CEF eDelivery and CEF eInvoicing, supported by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). 

The CEF eDelivery Infrastructure Day (29 November) explored how CEF eDelivery - supported by the eIDAS Regulation - can help removing digital barriers within the Digital Single Market to deliver value to citizens, businesses and public administrations.

More specifically, domain experts presented the CEF eDelivery user-journey, reaching out to participants for their views and experiences on how best to efficiently set-up an eDelivery infrastructure.

 Case studies from eDelivery implementations in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany offered insights into how CEF eDelivery can be implemented in a national context. It was highlighted that there is a need to further enhance knowledge of eDelivery on the ground.

Participants also learned how to choose the Message Exchange, the Discovery & Security Models linking to the eIDAS Electronic Registered Delivery Service (ERDS) and CEF eDelivery.

Some participants commented on the need for the eIDAS Regulation to precede a standard about the qualification of trust service providers in the context of Security Models. It was noted that the existence of a common standard could help overcome the challenges in the qualification process of ERDS, and that further actions by the European Commission should be planned together with the parties involved.

During the CEF eDelivery Industry Day (30 November), experts discussed what is currently missing to create an eDelivery market in the context of the Digital Single Market.

Representatives from IBM, Flame and Holodeck offered highly-valuable insights into how they have successfully passed the e-SENS AS4 eDelivery conformance testing, culminating with a joint declaration of appreciation and commitment to the CEF eDelivery programme and Initiatives.

Software vendors in offering an AS4 solution are free to use the CEF eDelivery Conformance Testing Service. The goal of the service is to verify that an implementation of the CEF eDelivery Access Point and SMP components - a software package either commercial or Open Source - conforms to the relevant CEF eDelivery specifications. Visit CEF eDelivery for more information or email CEF Digital.

At the CEF eInvoicing Stakeholder Day (1 December), stakeholders from the private and public sectors exchange views around CEF eInvoicing and the status of eInvoicing in Europe.

A panel comprising the Swedish Financial Management Authority (ESV), the UK National eInvoicing Forum, SAP, the European eInvoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA) and SEEBURGER provided "the Stakeholders' View" on eInvoicing.

Panellists stressed the value of eInvoicing and commended the work of the European Commission. The panel noted that national fora supporting eInvoicing must make the benefits of eInvoicing the core of their message and be supported by government. In addition, key themes included the need to simplify the adoption of the Directive 2014/55/EU, ensure local interoperability and foster a culture of ownership among public and private sector entities.

The event included presentations from the European Commission on the status of eInvoicing in Europe, an update of the work of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) on the coming European standard, a live demo of the eInvoicing Readiness Checker and a workshop on the Study on the 'State of play of B2G eInvoicing in public procurement'. The day concluded with advice on how to apply for EU grant funding to support the adoption of eInvoicing, the deadline for which being 15 December 2016.

  • You can find the event agenda, recording and download the presentations here.
  • The European Commisison provides information on the uptake of CEF eDelivery & CEF eInvoicing via the CEF Dashboard.