Rosanna Nazir of Vrouwen aan het Werk (VAHW) – Women at Work developed a four-month long project for 10 women who were looking to find a job in Amsterdam, but she had a dream to help more people. She wrote a bid “World Smart College” for a competition run by IBM and won a US $10,000 grant. Together with volunteers and prospective students she started to develop the project – finding support from 100 volunteers at Cisco, IBM and the University of Applied Science of Amsterdam. The school started in November 2011, with three areas of study, project management, event management and ICT. Among the first 50 students was Nila Sari. Nila Sari is an Indonesian living in Amsterdam who has directly benefitted from the work of Rosanna Nazir and the World Smart College. Due to personal circumstances, Nila was isolated from the outside world for three years. She then joined the VAHW foundation and became one of the founding volunteers who helped to build the World Smart College. Now, thanks to the skills she has built through her involvement with World Smart College she has already started a traineeship with IBM in the Smarter Cities department. Her role involves assessing how digital media help to engage citizens in a Smarter City. She will be looking to ensure citizens become informed, involved, and inspired members of society.