This workshop on 'Photonic Communication, Power Delivery, Thermal Management' is being organised following the successful development of a novel technique by the EU-funded project CarrICool, demonstrating smart implementation and robust manufacturability of advanced More-than-Moore components into a modular and scalable interposer.

The CarrICool project

Available packaging solutions today unfortunately are not in a position to support 3D integration density scaling and beyond-CMOS devices, thus constraining systemability with respect to energy efficiency, reliability, and computational performance; key metrics in the multi-core, exascale and post-CMOS era. CarrICool, an EU-funded project under FP7, successfully demonstrates such a solution through major packaging improvements: Improved structural, electrical and thermal performances; Energy-efficient power delivery of heterogeneous chip stacks; Off-chip bandwidth through low-cost and low-loss passive optical coupling to silicon photonic wave guides.

An overview presentation will introduce each of the three major topics: Power delivery, Heat removal and Optical communication, and how they are addressed, followed with specific insights into sub-components. Besides providing a game-changing platform for the scale-up of future, multi-core, exascale computing systems, the tutorial will also present a strategic supplier base in Europe for high-end HPC and data center components, as well as for advanced systems integration capabilities.

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