FI-WARE and FI-LAB technology provides tools for developers to create innovative Smart City applications using innovative infrastructures.

Several cities in Spain (Santander, Seville, Malaga and Zaragoza) open up the vast amounts of data they hold for entrepreneurs and developers to experiment using FI-WARE technologies and the generic service components openly available in FI-LAB. Some other cities are aware of this movement and are starting to ask how to join the trend off open, accessible, innovative European smart city developments. On the other hand; other cities in Europe like Trento in Italy that has already available several open datasets are planning to make them available through FI-LAB in the very short term.

We believe this is a very significant step forward. Cities' open data together with open tools, like available in FI-LAB will allow entrepreneurs to develop innovative applications that may help to better manage city services and bring innovative services to the citizens.