Join Boris Johnson and visit Campus Party in the financial, cultural, artistic, media, scientific and innovation capital of the world: London. Learn how you can develop applications and services with building blocks.

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Startups and SMEs who want to develop applications and services for a certain domain can take advantage of domain-specific platforms and generic building blocks. For example, game developers may develop on top of a gaming platform or use building blocks such as location software.

The Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) will make available both domain-specific platforms and generic building blocks. The platforms are currently being developed by a number of use case projects. These projects will detail their platforms in September 2013 and will make them available to third parties by June 2014. The generic building blocks will be available by September 2013, via the Open Innovation Lab of FI-PPP project FI-WARE.

During the Campus Party 2013 event in London, FI-WARE will launch its Open Innovation Lab.

Campus Party is a global and growing concept created in 1997. Today, it is one of the most important technology and Internet events, and the biggest geek social networks. The community around Campus Party includes technology savvy users, opinion leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs and creative minds that are ready to identify new opportunities to create new things for a better society. Campus Party is also an encounter point where supply meets demand between private companies and public institutions on the one hand and ICT experts on the other hand.

A Campus Party typically contains more than 500 hours of lectures, forums, workshops, debates, hackatons and challenges related to different topics that take place in several stages around 4 big theme areas: Science, Innovation, Creativity and Digital Entertainment. Each edition has experts in very diverse areas who share innovative trends with the participants. Examples of high-level speakers are Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Al Gore, Vint Cerf, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Hawking, Paulo Coelho, Steve Wozniak, Jon “Maddog” Hall, and Don Tapscott.

As mentioned, during this year’s Campus Party 2013 event in London, the FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab will be launched. This Lab is the place where anyone can freely experiment with the different FI-WARE solutions. FI-WARE technologies are structured around so-called Generic Enablers, i.e. technology building blocks that each provide certain functionalities that can be used by a large set of applications, and that are independent from industry sectors. Examples are cloud hosting, big data analysis, location software, Complex Event Processing, Publish/Subscribe Broker, Marketplace, IoT Things Management, Security Monitoring, Identity Management, etc. FI-WARE is developing over 50 Generic Enablers and the majority will be made available via the Open Innovation Lab.

The Campus Party event will see FI-WARE Challenges that will be launched to promote the exposure, dissemination, and possible take-up of the FI-WARE technologies.

In the third and final phase of the FI-PPP, SMEs and Web entrepreneurs will have the possibility to receive funding via subgranting for developing services and applications on top of FI-PPP technology (basically the FI-WARE Generic Enablers and platforms from phase II use case projects). The Open Innovation Lab will help to stimulate interests in the FI-PPP technologies and this might be reflected in interest in phase 3.

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