The Polish National Center for Research and Development invites interested bidders to submit offers for the following three pre-commercial procurements: waste water treatment for the future, energy-efficient and process-efficient construction, innovative biogas plant.

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The "Wastewater Treatment of the Future" pre-commercial procurement (PCP) aims to select contractors who will develop innovative technologies for wastewater treatment plants in the area of: (i) treated wastewater management (water renewal and recovery), (ii) reduction of the loss of nutrients and their pollution of aquatic environments (removal and recovery of nutrients), (iii ) removing micropollutants from sewage and (iv) effective management of the generated sewage sludge.It is planned that the developed technologies, which will be used in wastewater treatment plants, will enable, among others:
Improving the quality and conditions of the water and soil environment by removing harmful micropollutants as well as removing and recovering nutrients, Reducing the consumption of water resources by recovering and renewing water from treated sewage, Improving the living conditions of the society in connection with the developed water and sewage management system, Reduction in the extraction of minerals used in the production of mineral fertilizers used in agriculture, Reducing the nuisance of the sewage treatment plant to its immediate surroundings (reduction of odor emissions), Low costs of construction and operation of new and modernized wastewater treatment plants through e.g. increasing energy self-sufficiency

Submission deadline: 12:00 February 22, 2021. 

The "Energy-efficient and process-efficient construction" PCP aims to select contractors who will develop technologies for designing and building low-maintenance, prefabricated (2D) or modular (3D) single-family and multi-family buildings. It is planned that the developed technologies that will be used in demonstration buildings will enable, among others:low construction and operating costs in the life cycle planned for at least 30 years, generating an optimally zero or positive annual balance of energy consumption, management of rainwater and gray water affecting water saving and limiting its consumption from the network, use of building materials that are recycled as much as possible and have the lowest possible carbon footprint, high degree of replicability on a large scale in Poland and abroad.

Submission deadline: 12:00 On February 8, 2021. Link to PIN in TED

The "Innovative biogas plant" PCP aims to select contractors who will develop an innovative technology for a universal biogas plant and demonstrate it in the form of a working full-scale installation - Technology Demonstrator. It is planned that the technology developed under the Project will be characterized by: high and stable production of gaseous fuel - biomethane of a quality that allows it to be directed to the distribution network, substrate universality - the use of a wide range of organic substrates in the technological process, no hydrogen, starting from the stage of unloading the substrates at the installation to the stage of taking the digestate out of the biogas plant for its further development, the use of nutrients in a closed cycle - the production of high-quality digestate for its further use as a product (s) admitted to commercial trading, high degree of automation, energy self-sufficiency based on the produced biogas, low operating costs.

Submission deadline: 12:00 On February 8, 2021. Link to PIN in TED