The Commission has launched an open call for tenders for the maintenance and development of the European Data Portal and related services covering the period 2018-2020.

The purpose of this tender is the purchase of services:

  • to operate, maintain and further develop a large-scale pan-European web-based data portal infrastructure (the European Data Portal, EDP) to act as a single point of access to (open) datasets made available in the Member States, by EU institutions and bodies and certain third countries;
  • to assist administrations in EU Member States and certain third countries with the definition and implementation of policies with respect to open data and to the establishment or the improvement of relevant organisational processes, as well as with the preparation of high quality datasets to be published on their respective data portals, aiming at their eventual inclusion in the European Data Portal so as to ensure a significant uptake on publication of public data resources in all EU Member States and certain third countries;
  • to ensure that there is also a significant uptake on use made of such public data resources by further developing relations between data publishers and potential reusers, by supporting the development of applications based on public data and, where applicable, on other sources of data, by providing fora for discussion on subjects of common concern and by producing policy recommendations for the European Commission;
  • to provide evidence on the socio-economic impact of publishing data assets by public bodies at various levels of administration, including the European one;
  • to examine the sustainability of (open) data portal infrastructures.

The total price quoted cannot exceed EUR 3 900 000,00 (three million nine hundred thousand)

For additional information and relevant documentation please have a look at the call for tenders' details on TED eTendering.