The European Commission has launched a call for tender for a for a service contract to conduct a study to analyse fixed-mobile convergence with a total price that cannot exceed 200 000 Euros

The objective of the study is to analyse fixed-mobile convergence (at service, infrastructure and market level) in Europe over time and to detect future trends that can improve connectivity in Europe.  The study should complement the EU Integrated Platform under development by the Mapping Study (phase II): Mapping of Broadband Services in Europe (SMART 2014/0016) and support the EU policy-making process by providing a clear understanding of the difference of coverage measurements among Member States and other measurement approaches.

The European Commission will use this study to gain evidence on the impact of fixed and mobile convergence and, most importantly, to assess how to leverage fixed-mobile convergence to improve connectivity in Europe on the basis of high-performance and reliable networks. It will also aim at analysing the progress on the problem of comparable and generally accepted quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) measurement approaches especially in the context of wireless connectivity. Tasks should be supported by quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The contract is not renewable.

Deadline for submission is 9/9/2016

Official Journal reference: 2016/S 132-237123 (short version 237123-2016)

For additional information and relevant documentation please refer to the call for tenders' details on TED eTendering.