The Quantum Manifesto is a call to launch an ambitious European initiative in quantum technologies, needed to ensure Europe’s leading role in a technological revolution now under way. The Manifesto is now available online for collecting stakeholder endorsement, before its official release during the Quantum Europe Conference in May 2016.

The Quantum Manifesto formulates a common strategy for Europe to stay at the front of the second Quantum Revolution, within Horizon 2020 programme. The initiative aims to create new commercial opportunities addressing global challenges, provide strategic capabilities for security and seed as yet unimagined capabilities for the future. As is now happening around the world, developing Europe’s capabilities in quantum technologies will create a new knowledge-based industrial ecosystem, leading to long-term economic, scientific and societal benefits.

The Manifesto is now available online for collecting stakeholder endorsement.

Video about the conference ‘Quantum Europe 2016’, organised on 17-18 May 2016 in Amsterdam by the Netherlands, in cooperation with the European Commission and QuTech (Quantum Technology institute of TU Delft and TN):