The EU-funded inDemand project based in Murcia (Spain), Oulu (Finland) and Paris (France) has launched several calls for European eHealth SMEs. The challenge is to solve health issues identified by healthcare professionals. The resulting digital solutions are expected to have a high success rate.

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inDemand is a new model where Healthcare organisations and companies co-create Digital Health solutions, with the economic support of regional public funds. Why is this model innovative? inDemand applies at the same time demand-driven and co-creation approaches.

This EU project is currently being implemented in three pilot regions: Murcia (Spain), Oulu (Finland) and Paris (France). Each of these three regions has launched its first call for companies interested in solving concrete needs that have been previously identified by healthcare providers.

  • Murcia Region is looking for companies to solve 4 challenges. The unmet needs include the following: avoiding care re-admission, support for healthcare providers and families with regards to child obesity, a digital patient-doctor communication channel for epilepsy management, and a healthcare training management platform. The deadline of this call is 30th April. More information
  • Oulu Region has launched its first call for companies interested in solving 4 challenges, related to resource planning for more efficient use of rooms, remote controlled mobile solution for hospital young clients, e-guidance and advice pass for breastfeeding, and e-services before and after and outpatient clinic appointment. The deadline of this call is 28th May. More information
  • Paris Region open call is focused on 3 challenges. They are related to optimisation of continuous monitoring of strokes in Neuro-Vascular Units, remote monitoring of real-life patient data to anticipate the occurrence of complications / degradations in health status and e-consultations in the management of alcohol dependency. The deadline for this call is 8th June. More information

Companies awarded will:

  • Co-develop and validate the solution within the respective health centre and with its healthcare professionals.  
  • Receive funding up to 30,000 €.
  • Benefit from business support to improve commercial and financial traction.
  • A first commercial reference to sell the solution elsewhere after the pilot.
  • Retain intellectual property

inDemand model: digital solutions with a higher success rate

"InDemand solves challenges identified by the customer: the healthcare organisations. That’s why we talk about a demand-driven model. This approach is going to increase the capacity of health entities to systematically identify and solve their needs while creating opportunities for private companies", explains project manager Jorge González.

About the added value of the co-creation process between healthcare organisations and IT companies, González points out that "the expected results are digital solutions with a higher success rate - in terms of their application in practice/market uptake - because they have been developed side by side with the client. Thanks to co-creation, developers will have an agile feedback and a better view of the needs".

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