PROGRESS is the EU’s employment and social solidarity programme set up to provide financial support for the attainment of the European Union’s objectives in employment, social affairs and equal opportunities. Through this call for proposals on social experimentation, PROGRESS countries embarking on welfare reforms are offered financial support to experiment the envisaged policy changes and reforms before implementing them, if successful, on a wide scale. This will entail small scale testing, on the basis of rigorous evaluation methodology, of envisaged reforms in those Member States that choose to benefit from this support opportunity. At the present juncture this would often be related to reviews of social spending as part of austerity packages. Selected projects have to contribute to developing and testing socially innovative approaches to policy priorities in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Open Method of Coordination on social protection and social inclusion. To be selected under this call, projects should focus on either of the following selected themes, keeping in mind in all cases the gender dimension of the issue: • Social inclusion of vulnerable groups; • Quality of childcare services; • Active and healthy ageing; • Transition from education to work for the youth.