The European Commission has launched a call for proposals to set up a “European Digital Academy”, following the request of the European Parliament for a Preparatory Action in this field. The call foresees the provision of services aiming to disseminate knowledge on emerging digital technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, cybersecurity, robotics) and the development of innovative new online training modules on some of these technologies for European citizens and SMEs.

As a result, the project will help Europeans to better understand and use digital technology and to re- and up-skill them to be better prepared for the ongoing digital transformation of the labour market.


The project should contribute to the forthcoming Digital Skills and Jobs Portal by focusing on emerging digital technologies and help those who want to advance their knowledge and skills further in these areas for work-related purposes, in particular young people, students and women. 
•    Mapping the European educational and training landscape for skills related to emerging digital technologies and identifying the relevant skills needs of citizens and SMEs;
•    Developing new, innovative, specific online training and online skills development modules for at least three emerging digital technologies;
•    Complement the stakeholder community of the forthcoming European Digital Skills and Jobs Portal;
•    Setting up and management of a website and promoting the European Digital Academy

Expected results

  1. Providing access to practical knowledge, skills assessment and skills development opportunities in emerging digital technologies, also through the European Digital Skills and Jobs Portal.
  2. New, innovative online training and online skills development modules for at least three emerging digital technologies which shall train citizens and SMEs on their applications in everyday life and the workplace. 
  3. Supporting existing efforts to extend the network of stakeholders active in digital skills development to additional actors.

The action will be implemented through a call for proposals with a maximum aid intensity of 70% of the total eligible costs of the project(s), plus indirect costs.

The total budget of this preparatory action is one million seven hundred thousand euros. 

Further information about the call is available in the below documents.


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