The International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting has published a Call for Papers for a special issue on "Accessibility of Broadcast Multimedia". Potential topics include, but are not limited to: The use of television to combat eExclusion; User feedback on accessibility services; Initiatives for raising awareness of access services; Accessible TV remote controls and accessible navigation in general; Smart accessibility, for example, interfaces that self-adapt to user needs; Delivery platforms for access services; Hardware agnostic access services; Business models for access services; Development tools and guidelines for access services; Standardization issues and initiatives related to accessibility; National directives and enforcement of the provision of accessibility and their effectiveness; Technical and user forums for promoting accessibility and their impact; Application of web accessibility guidelines to digital broadcast media; Application of web content accessibility guidelines to digital broadcast media; Initiatives aimed at building accessibility into HTML5; Roadmaps for the realization of accessibility. Deadline for manuscrips: 1 November 2011.