The EC-funded H2020 project DIH-HERO fights against Covid-19 with an emergency call for projects (one-week deadline) to boost robotic solutions that can be deployed quickly in the healthcare sector.

emergency sign

DIH-HERO is launching an emergency call for projects which can demonstrate existing robotics solutions that are able to meet medical needs. The project must respond to a relevant clinical demand and a healthcare problem related to COVID-19 to be solved. Up to € 1 Million will be dedicated to this call, and each selected project will receive up to € 100,000 (indicative amount).

This COVID-19 call is targeted at supporting robotic technologies and solutions in the later stages of development that can be deployed in the healthcare sector quickly, to support healthcare professionals in the fight against COVID-19, satisfying a current clinical demand or need. The applicant should aim to finalise the first demonstrator within 4 weeks, while the whole project must be completed preferably within 8 weeks.

Call opening: 10th of April 2020
Call closing: 17th of April 2020

Given the emergency of the situation, the application and evaluation procedures will be simplified and expedited, with very concise proposals limited to the strict minimum, and few pages long.


Joining the Commission’s AI-Robotics vs COVID19 initiative, the H2020 project DIH-HERO, together with their extensive Robotics in Healthcare European network, is fighting against COVID-19 to support healthcare professionals and save lives. In total, DIH-HERO offers up to €5 million in open calls to fight against covid-19. The Technology Transfer Experiment call, offering  €4 million in funding, is still open and receiving covid-19 related proposals (max. € 200,000 per application, deadline 15/06/2020).

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