High-level academics and researchers are encouraged to apply and represent the science-to-technology start of the chain. The European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder is based on FET-Open and FET-Proactive and will be an important source of breakthrough ideas that may turn into innovations. This call of expression of interest is open now and until 10th May 2019.

Visual for the EIC Pathfinder

15 to 20 high level experts will form the EIC Pilot Advisory Board. These experts will come from various domains of Europe's innovation ecosystem (including academia and research). They will be appointed in a personal capacity, acting independently and in the public interest.

The tasks of the EIC Pilot Advisory Board will be to advise the Commission on:

•the development and follow up of the current and planned EIC pilot actions
•the overall strategy for the future EIC and the design of the funding and support, in line with the Horizon Europe legislation
•any  matter  which  may  enhance  and  foster  innovation eco-systems  across  Europe,
•increase the visibility of the EIC and promote the attractiveness of Europe for breakthrough and disruptive innovation

Applications from relevant candidates are sought until 10th May 2019.

Full information and instructions on how to apply