Fancy living in a building constructed by plants and small robots? That's the futuristic vision of researchers working on the European Flora Robotica project.

Biologists, architects, computer scientists and robotics specialists have joined forces for this idea. “The plants are attracted by blue light. Each small robot has 6 LEDs. By producing blue light, they attract the plants, and they can define the plant’s growth in certain directions," explains Mostafa Wahby, a computer scientist from the University of Lübeck.

Researchers want to find the right conditions for robots and plants to cooperate and form self-organizing, self-growing structures.

FloraRobotica is a 4-year project until March 2019. Its budget of 3.6 Million Euros is entirely funded by the EU.

A report on the project is featured on Futuris, the science programme of the pan-European television channel Euronews. It was shown on TV more than a dozen times until 28 Janaury and can still be watched online:

Euronews video (4:00), also available in DE, EL, ES, FR, HU, IT, PT and a number of other languages

Project website

Project factsheet