On 19 June, Bulgarian Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative Maria Koleva signed three Declarations launched at Digital Day 2019 in the presence of Deputy Director General of DG CNECT, Claire Bury.

Photo of Maria Koleva and Claire Bury posing with signed declaration

The Declarations launched at Digital Day 2019 aim to pool efforts and accelerate digital developments in key areas. Bulgaria is the 27th country to cooperate on empowering women’s participation in digital, and the 25th country to join forces on digitalisation for European agriculture and rural areas, and digitising cultural heritage. Cooperation at EU level in these areas is important to achieve equality in tech, help tackle economic, social, climate and environmental challenges that the EU's agri-food sector and rural areas are facing, and to better use state-of-the-art digital technologies in addressing risks to Europe’s rich cultural heritage.

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