This book provides insights on state-of-the-art research and innovation in Internet of Things (IoT) and the progress towards building ecosystems and deploying IoT technology for various applications.

IoT represents the convergence of advances in miniaturization, wireless connectivity, increased data storage capacity and data analytics. Intelligent edge devices detect and measure changes in environmental parameters and are necessary to turn billions of objects into "smart data" generating "things" and their environment.

Universal connectivity and data access provides opportunities to monetize data sharing schemes for mobile network operators and other connectivity players.

The Internet of Things supports private and public-sector organizations to manage assets, optimize performance, and develop new business models, allowing a lead in productivity while reshaping the value chain, by changing product design, marketing, manufacturing, and after sale service and by creating the need for new activities such as product data analytics and security. This will drive yet another wave of value chain based productivity improvement.

This publication will provide insights on the Internet of Things beyond the Hype.