Broadband mapping is essential for identifying where there is a need for investment in broadband infrastructure, and for making informed decisions about State aid. In this video, Johannes Weicksel, from the German regional Broadband Competence Office (BCO) for Berlin, underlines the importance of mapping broadband coverage in the EU for reaching the Digital Agenda targets; and Hans Teglhus Møller, from BCO Denmark, and Erwin Grabler, from BCO Austria, explain the mapping tools of their respective BCOs.

Still image from video showing a broadband mapping application. Above is a banner with the title: Broadband mapping for effective investment and project planning.

Weicksel emphasises the importance of BCOs having a good understanding of the four basic types of broadband mapping (service, infrastructure, investment or funding, and demand mapping).

In Denmark, the national BCO operates two mapping applications; one featuring transmitters and the other, mapping services. The latter is also useful for consumers, municipalities and other stakeholders, enabling them to access service coverage information from across Denmark without needing to visit all the different Internet Service Providers’ websites. Teglhus Møller underlines that cooperation between the BCO and Internet Service Providers is critical to obtaining accurate data, explaining that the BCO uses this data in an aggregated manner, for example, to identify areas eligible for State aid.

In Austria, the national BCO operates two publicly available mapping tools. The first shows both fixed and mobile coverage and speeds down to 100 square metre clusters. The second identifies regions where development is only possible with the help of State aid.

Grabler highlights how exchanges within the BCO Network are especially valuable for sharing experiences on mapping, tools and analysis, and for helping to consider cross-border projects. Weicksel notes that “the comparison of service availabilities might encourage countries to have more momentum in the effort of driving broadband infrastructure roll-out to reach their set targets”.


For more information, visit the websites of TÜV Rheinland, BCO Denmark and BCO Austria.

This video is part of a series of interviews on broadband roll-out in Europe, produced for the European Network of Broadband Competence Offices (BCO Network).

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