In this interview, Ferenc Kneisz of the Hungarian Broadband Competence Office (BCO Hungary) explains how the Superfast Internet Programme will bring broadband speeds of 30-100 Mbps throughout the country, meeting the Digital Agenda targets, closing the urban-rural digital gap and improving life for citizens.

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Mr. Kneisz states that the principal aim of the project was first of all to cover areas where there are market failures, and either poor or no service is available. He explains that, in order to prepare the project, BCO Hungary undertook a mapping exercise to identify these areas, and gave thought as to how to create interest for service providers there, especially in areas where the economy is not strong.

Mr. Kneisz comments that, for this project, fibre optic access infrastructure (FTTx) was the most advantageous technology choice, although all kinds of Next Generation Access (NGA) technologies were used.

Roll-out of Superfast Internet Programme

The Superfast Internet Programme will provide NGA connections to over 400 000 households. The largest such project to take place in Hungary to-date, it required EUR 221 million, and was 80% funded by the European Union via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

Roll-out is underway, and citizens are already experiencing the difference. Csaba Hortobágyi, a business owner who depends on the internet to meet his customers’ needs, stated:

“Superfast internet allowed me to enter the market with the same conditions as my competitors in the cities”

Read more about the Superfast Internet Programme in the European Commission’s database of good practices in broadband projects.

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